Alexander Wang for H&M Preview

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Images via Alexander Wang’s Instagram, Vogue NLGQ magazine and Elle.

Ever since 2004, H&M have been injecting high fashion into the high street with their designer collaborations. I can hardly believe that it’s been so long since we were eagerly waiting to see how Karl Lagerfeld’s midas touch would translate to the every day, but here we are, ten years later, still eager, still waiting, but now for a collaboration with none other than Alexander Wang.  (more…)


NYFW Spring 2015: Timo Weiland

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Photos via

One of the things I love about fashion week is finding a designer that has not previously been on my radar and falling in love with them. Today, I’ve found Timo Weiland. I thoroughly enjoyed the flirty interplay between different textures and the subdued colour palette combined with the simple, striking silhouettes. You can check out the full collection on

Knee High Boots For Autumn

 saint laurent

saint laurent 2



russel and bromley


I love autumn. And winter. The smell of the cool, crisp air in the mornings, the chill that begins to prickle the tip of your nose and cheeks, maybe it’s because I’m a winter baby, or maybe it’s because it’s synonymous with my favourite holiday, but there’s something about it all that fills me with childish glee.  (more…)

My French Pharmacy Beauty Buys

French Parmacy Beauty BuysAvène Thermal WaterCaudalíe Lip ConditionerAvène Couvrance High Tolerance MascaraAvène Couvrance High Tolerance Mascara

Photos taken by me.

As you already know, I recently went on a trip to France. After reading Vogue’s 10 Best French Beauty Buys shortly before I began planning my holiday, I began fantasising about the abundance of skincare that would be at my fingertips once I crossed the channel. Everybody has been talking about how amazing the skincare in French pharmacies is for a very long time, and I definitely jumped on the bandwagon a year ago when I started buying La Roche Posay’s infamous Micellar Water and Effaclar Duo. What girl (or boy) wouldn’t want to opt in to the cool, effortless French charm that is instilled in everything they do? From the way they dress to their food, the French always seem to get it right, so naturally their skincare would not disappoint. (more…)

La belle vie

Tiny bird   Tiny raspberriesLe Jura Woods   Le JuraLe Jura   Rustic logsRural Hoops   Rustic DoorGenève   Cartier, GenèveGlobus Genève   Massive tobleronesGlobus Foodcourt   Pasta GaloreGenève bandstand   Ice creams in Globus, GenèveGenève   Genève
Pictures taken by me.
My boyfriend and I have just returned from a lovely trip to France. We were staying at his mother’s house in Le Jura which is on the border of Switzerland about an hour’s drive from Geneva, or Genève as it is in French. We spent most of our time enjoying the countryside and sipping on amazing wines and eating bread, because of course, French bread and wine is the best in the world. We also went on beautiful hikes amongst the mountain range where we foraged for wild strawberries and raspberries and admired the rustic chalets that were scattered around the picturesque countryside. I really wished I had taken my camera with me so that I didn’t have to rely on my iPhone to take pictures but oh well, c’est la vie! (more…)

Oh Dior!




Rouge Dior Nude lipstick in Swan (#263), £26.00 available online at Boots and Selfridges.

Hello blog readers, sorry I’ve been away for so long, I’ve been manically studying for the last month. As it is my final year, I’ve had to put all things blog on hold and focus instead on all things law. I can’t believe it’s finally over. I was in town the morning after my last exam and the whole time in the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘be fast, you must not lose revision time’ and then just as I was about to go home I realised. IT’S ALL OVER!! I can’t really describe the feeling, I don’t think I could quite do it justice, but I know I have never experienced such incredible elation. (more…)

Jumping on the Teatox Bandwagon


Pictures taken by me.

Teatoxing has been all over instagram recently, and so I thought I’d finally succumb to the craze and try it out. It took me a while to decide which tea to get, as I was reluctant to do a teatox that had laxatives in it. I know that having laxatives in your tea would probably make you seem like you lose more weight, but they’re not good for your body, with long term use resulting in unbalanced levels of salt and minerals in your body, and all sorts of nasty, undesirable effects that I don’t wish to mention. (Such unpleasentries should not be  spoken of before midday, or ever…) I finally found yourtea‘s tiny teatox. It’s blend of Chinese Herbal Medicines ‘gently cleanse and nourish your digestive system’ and can help reduce bloating, clear up skin, aid weightless and increase energy levels, with no laxatives. (more…)

Girlcrush: Liu Wen And Her Perfect Nose

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For the past few months, every time I pass H&M I’ve been mesmerised by the picture of Chinese supermodel Liu Wen in the window. I’ve always thought Chinese girls were so pretty and delicate looking. Liu Wen is the first Chinese model to have ever walked in the illustrious Victoria Secret show and is the first Chinese model to make it onto Forbes magazine’s annual highest paid models list, so she’s a pretty big deal. (more…)

Banana and Coconut Baked Oats

DSC_0015 DSC_0016

On Sundays I like to get up slowly and then mooch over to my kitchen to make breakfast, probably still in my pyjamas. It was sunny this morning which is a nice treat this time of year in England, so I cheerfully decided to make some banana bread oats. I had some desiccated coconut to use up so I threw a bit of that in too and it was delicious. This recipe is refined sugar free (unless you fancy a bit of the white stuff) and pretty good for you. It works well as healthy muffins too. This recipe serves 2 but it’s easy to cut in half if you wish. (more…)